Stony Fork Hunts

​                                                                                                  IN WELLSBORO, PENNA.

To all hunters going to New York!! BRING A COOLER
Pa.Game Comm. are not allowing whole deer to be brought into Pa from NY. All CWD parts must be removed. Any questions contact the PGC or DEC.NY.

All hunts subject to availability of animals.        PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU HIT.

Listed prices are based on paying by CASH or CASHIERS CHECK.

If paying by CREDIT CARD, add 5%. 

All preserve hunts are scheduled for one day.

Antlered animals are hunted from September 1st thru March 31st.

Hunting hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., may run longer if needed.

All hunts are guided by our professional experienced staff.

100 sq. inches of fluorescent orange is recommended.

There is a sighting in range on the property.

There is no age requirement for our hunters, parents or guardians are responsible for what they hit.

No license required for our preserve hunts. 

 Hunting is done from ground stands and spot and stalk. 

Lunch is furnished with the hunt.

Skinning  and quartering fee;

      Small animals plus 5 bags of ice .....$50

      Large animals plus 10 bags of ice......$100

      Ex Large animals plus 20 bags of ice .....$200  

Extra ice available for purchase if needed.

It is suggested that you bring large coolers to bring the meat home, 110 qt or better.

A $200 DEPOSIT per hunter to reserve a hunt.

Non-hunters are charged $100.

One Non-hunter with a hunter 17 years of age or younger, then  NO CHARGE.

A fee of $200 will be charged for unsuccessful hunter per day.

A hunter can request prices prior to harvesting of the animal.

Any questions that you may have, please contact Scott at (570) 439-1048

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