Stony Fork Hunts

​                                                                                                  IN WELLSBORO, PENNA.


   Whitetail bucks priced upon request. 

Pa. Department of Agriculture requires that all deer (except fallow deer) be tested for CWD, therefore a brain stem sample, Lymph nodes and a small sample of skin for DNA must be taken after the kill.



 2-year old...$1300

 3-year old...$1600

 4-year old...$1800


 Does.(when available)...$500

 ELK...Call for prices



SIKA DEER (Japanese or Dyboughski)

 Prices ranging for $1250 to $2500

 Depending on TOTAL number of points. (both sides)

 Red Stags...$2500 and UP

 Female Red Deer (when available)...$1250